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Housing in Amsterdam

Announcement added by: Erik Di
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Date of placement 18.03.2018
Erik Di

the Netherlands (Holland)

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the Netherlands (Holland), Amsterdam

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Old construction

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Family of 4 in desperate need of housing We are a Danish family coming to Amsterdam from the 1st of April to the 1st of July and we are in desperate need of housing. One of us will be working at the Vrije Universiteit as part of a doctorate exchange and the other will stay at home with our children, aged 2 and 4. We are non-smokers and reliable tenants. Ideally we need 2 bedrooms besides a living room and kitchen – all furnished – and a place to park our car. Washing machine and dishwasher is also preferable. We can water plants, mow the lawn, empty your mailbox etc. We are most interested in living as close to the university as possible (max 30 min on a bike). However without housing at hand, anything could spark our interest. Even if the rent period would be less than 3 months, we are interested to hear from you. We travel lightly and can easily move in and out. We don’t speak Dutch, but you can contact our friend Erik on +31630419343 or call us directly on +47 404 58 101, if you speak English (or even better – Danish. Yours sincerely Anders, Mette, Smilla Pi and Nord Huxi
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