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Looking for Accommodation in Delft

Announcement added by: Azlaan Samad
Basic information
Date of placement 08.06.2018
Azlaan Samad

Germany, Berlin

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Country, City

the Netherlands (Holland), Delft

Price negotiable

Amenities (tangible):

Kitchen, Bath

Registration possible:



Washing machine

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Hallo, ik ben Azlaan Mustafa Samad (that’s all I know in Dutch). I will be in Netherlands from September 2018 till August 2019. I will be attending Technische Universiteit Delft for my Master’s course in Applied Mathematics. I am from India and yes I can cook some delicious authentic Indian food. Currently, I am living in Berlin during my 1st year of course. My friends find me relaxed and cheerful, who is always up for some fun. I have no issues with people drinking or any kind of smoking(pun intended). I am always up for partying or just chilling in a park. I am planning to learn Dutch just to integrate more into the Dutch society but I do speak German up to a certain level. Academic wise, I have been good. As a flatmate, I am a clean person when it comes to sharing the common area, otherwise my own room can be a bit messy, but I do get sudden rush once every week to clean my room. And yes I am always Lit!
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