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Looking for a room in Eindhoven (end of March to mid-June)

Author: Óscar Pérez Vila
Property type




Date of placement 10.03.2019
Country, City:

the Netherlands (Holland), Eindhoven

Spanish, English
Provided by:
Contact name:
Contact E-mail:

Living area (m2):

Less than 50m2

Amenities (tangible):

Kitchen, Bath


Bed, Chairs, Writing desk


Refrigirator, Gas/Electric Heater, Washing Machine

Near by:

Public transport

Basic information

Hey! I'm Óscar, a spanish student looking for a room to live in Eindhoven. I will be finishing my Automation and Robotics studies there from the end of March to mid-June. I'm an active person and I would love to visit every corner of the city, as well as other Dutch cities and interesting places. Although I don't usually smoke or drink I actually like going out at night, so you can count on me for that too! I also like sport, like running or riding a bike, and music, specially going to live concerts. Send me an email if you think I would be a nice roomate!

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